For Immediate Release

March 17, 2020

Contact: John Strand



FARGO, ND – Earlier today, Commissioner John Strand announced his bid for re-election to the Fargo City Commission.  First elected in 2016, Strand previously served eight years on the Fargo Board of Education.  

“I’m proud of my record as an ally to homeowners, to renters, and to our city staff who work so hard to keep our city running smoothly,” Strand said. “I believe in serving working class families. That’s what I have done and will continue to do if I’m lucky enough to earn a second term.”

Neighborhoods and affordable housing rank high as Strand’s priorities.  “Preserving our core neighborhoods and broadening access to affordable housing have been major focal points in my leadership on the city commission,” he said. “However, there is still much work to be done.”

He cited the creation of the Cass Clay Community Land Trust as an example of his leadership fostering long-term approaches to affordable housing. As chairman of the Community Development Committee, he’s at the forefront of establishing a new long-term core neighborhood strategic plan.

After appointment to the Board of Health in 2016, Strand’s efforts to facilitate a successful response to the unfolding opioid epidemic were significant and impassioned. He was subsequently included in a 2018 National League of Cities panel discussion highlighting small city approaches to the emerging and urgent public health crisis.

Strand was appointed by Gov. Burgum in 2018 to the MN-ND Governors’ Task Force to resolve the FM Diversion. He now is a vocal leader working to mediate legal challenges delaying the flood protection project in court. “This is one issue where we absolutely cannot afford to be wrong.  It’s urgent we complete the FM Diversion to protect our city from erratic and catastrophic climate events,” Strand said. “Extreme floods and droughts, both, challenge our community’s future. Preparation is the only answer.”

Commissioner Strand currently serves on thirteen boards and committees, including the Board of Health, Human Relations Commission, Community Development Committee, Metropolitan Council of Governments (MetroCOG), Cass Clay Food Partners, and Native American Commission. Strand’s other portfolios include Transit, and more recently the Fargo Municipal Airport Authority after he was instrumental in successful mediation of a renewed long-term City / Airport Authority operating agreement and Memorandum of Understanding.

Strand is co-owner of the High Plains Reader weekly newspaper, which moved to Fargo from Grand Forks after the Flood of 1997. He is a native of Crystal, ND, and attended NDSU where he was a visible student leader until graduation in 1977.

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